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bad fiction

seven silver buttons
blue silk petticoats
swollen by the foam expose
her hard steely loins.
absences, alain resnais, alain robbe-grillet, alfred schnittke, allegories, allusion, amanda davis, anders ilar, andrei tarkovsky, anne sexton, aporia, arseny tarkovsky, arvo part, attics, black boned angel, books, charles baudelaire, charles simic, charlotte perkins gilman, children's stories, chris marker, clara rockmore, coco rosie, confessional poetry, container, dancing, dare wright, david markson, delia derbyshire, denouement, derek jarman, donald barthelme, e-talking, einsturzende neubauten, eso steel, etymology, fairy tales, feminism, fennesz, festen, footnotes, frightening toys, george saunders, gilbert and gubar, gold dresses, good morning midnight, gowns, green glass, grey, grey sugar paper, guilt and shame, haiku, harsh light, hauntings, heart of glass, henry darger, her kind, iced coffee, ida cox, in the labyrinth, jacqueline rose, jean rhys, john cassavetes, jouissance, julio cortazar, katherine mansfield, kevin drumm, kronos quartet, last year in marienbad, lewis carroll, lies, liminality, little red riding hood, lustmord, making soup, manhattan research, marge piercy, marginality, marianne moore, marina warner, merzbow, metonymy, minimal, mirrors, mistakes, mixtapes, modernism, monologues, murakami short stories, myth, narrative, new notebooks, nikolia gogol, nostalgia, odetta, omissions, ooioo, oren ambarchi, ovid, pj harvey, plastic roses, poetry, popul vuh, post-structuralism, purgatory, querelle, rainer maria rilke, raymond carver, rimbaud, rosary beads, ruins, salt and pepper tofu, sanguinello, sarcofago, serene trajectories, shonen knife, short stories, similes, slant rhyme, sleeping beauty, snow white, stars of the lid, sylvia plath, symbolism, talking books, tamara de lempicka, the bloody chamber, the boredoms, the caretaker, the red shoes, the sea, the yellow wallpaper, three meditations on death, transformations, vibracathedral orchestra, virginia woolf, vladimir nabokov, voids, voyage in the dark, wastes, watching columbo, white, white noise, william basinski, william t. vollmann, with maples ablaze, writing, writing groups, zeugma